We put more than
cars into our communities

Community Engagement Committee
Charitable requests are reviewed by the Community Engagement Committee (CEC), a group of Honda associates that review grant requests and make recommendations. The CEC supports programs and organizations in the areas of: education, environment, diversity and health/safety. Honda favors programs that:

  • Focus on creativity and associate involvement, not solely on money.
  • Challenge individuals to explore their potential for achievement.
  • Provide innovative approaches to community problems.
  • Reflect Honda’s spirit of seeking the toughest challenges and approaching them with youthfulness and creativity.
  • Operate in a manner that is supportive of equal opportunity objectives.

Priority consideration will be given for projects where Honda’s associates live and work. Focus is on Honda’s hiring counties and Indiana. Honda plans to start small and grow as its operations grow. Our contributions will grow in proportion as our growth and position in the community increases.

To be considered for a charitable donation, please complete a grant application by clicking here.

Click here for the Charitable Contribution Guidelines.

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