Lugar Names Indiana Auto Plant a Lugar Energy Patriot

​Sen. Dick Lugar has named Honda Manufacturing of Indiana a Lugar Energy Patriot.

Indiana Auto Plant (IAP) associates are advocates for energy efficiency in all aspects of the automotive manufacturing industry.

Through research and planning, IAP has adapted technology and construction to reduce energy consumption and create significant savings for Honda during tough economic times and devastating natural disasters.

“We name Lugar Energy Patriots as a way to recognize outstanding Hoosiers who have demonstrated leadership and initiative in taking concrete action to improve America’s energy security. I am pleased to recognize the individuals of Honda Manufacturing of Indiana for their initiative and leadership,” said Lugar.

The Lugar Energy Patriot award is part of an ongoing effort by Lugar to recognize professionals, scholars, students or businesses that demonstrate leadership and initiative in taking concrete action to reduce America’s dependence on foreign energy sources through renewable energy and conservation.

An editorial profile on Honda Manufacturing of Indiana can be found on Senator Lugar’s website and may be published in its entirety.

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